Hotel AMANEK Asakusa Azumabashi SKY



Guest roomsA space for relaxation with Japanese modern style.

The Japanese modern style is designed using Japanese koushi,
shoji and fabric,
as we hope our guests can relax at this traditional Japanese peaceful atmosphere.
Please courteously entertained by the stunning view and cozy space in your precious time.

The world-famous Simmons Mattresses was selected to provide an excellent sleeping for our guests.
You can relieve the weariness of the travel or business trip on the premium quality Simmons bed.
Japanese style raised floor storage
Storage space under the bed is capable of large baggage. The trouble of storage can be resolved and taking in and out easily also.


Standard Double

Standard Double/12.22m2

Room size is about 12 m²
Double bed that leisurely for 1 person, comfortable for 2 people is prepared.


Modern Japanese

Modern Japanese/13.80m2

Room size is about 13 m².2 Japanese Futon are prepared on the Japanese style raised floor. The wish of relax on the Futon can be granted.


Modern Double

Modern Double/14.14m2

Room size is about 14 m²
Please enjoy your stay on 190 cm-wide king size bed.


Modern Twin

Modern Twin/14.14m2

Room size is about 14 m².USB plug and outlets are prepared near the bedside.
Staying with family is recommend.


Skyview Double

Sky View Double/15.12m2

Room size is about 15 m².Bathroom is not a unit bath.Please enjoy the view and have a wonderful night with your significant person.


Skyview Twin

Sky View Twin/15.12m2

Enjoy the Skytree view inside the room.


Room size is about 15 m².Bathtub and toilet are separate that is easier to use.Please have an unforgettable stay with your significant other.

Lowest price guarantee

Lowest price guarantee
Special welcome present (Water)

Special welcome present

Late out 2 hour gift

Two-hour extension for free
(Usually charge ¥3,000)
You can spend morning hours
in a gentle pace to 12 a.m.

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